Current research

My research program lies at the confluence of systematics, macroecology, biogeography, and conservation biology. I am particularly intrigued by ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that shape the diversity of land plant communities, with emphasis on spore plants across oceanic archipelagos. Spermatophyte and bryophyte island floras provide interesting and timely models for studies of community assembly.

I aim to understand diversity patterns of land plants across island systems (including ‘habitat islands’ on continents). Over the last year, I have enlarged the spatial framework of my research by investigating the latitudinal diversity gradient and the impact of the last glacial maximum across continental regions using ecological and molecular approaches. I am also interested in clarifying why certain groups show limited diversification, while others radiated extensively, based on synergetic cutting-edge methodologies such as RADseq and landmark-based morphometrics. Currently, I am also starting an innovative research program using ecological genomics to investigate the molecular mechanisms that promote adaptation to new environments in plants. The systematics and floristics of bryophytes complete my research agenda.

In short, my main research lines address: (I) the systematics and phylogeography of bryophytes and angiosperms, with a particular focus on North amphi-Atlantic and Pacific floras; (II) the impact of the Last Glacial Maximum on insular, North American and European continental floras by using population genetics that include approximate Bayesian computation modeling approaches; (III) adaptation and diversification based on ecological genomics; (IV) the impact of climate change built on species distribution models and greenhouse experiments; (V) causes of regional and global gradients of diversity based on taxonomic databases worldwide and novel statistical approaches; (VI) the evolution of island syndromes in oceanic floras using comparative methods of phenotypic trait evolution; and (VII) programs of ex situ conservation for endangered species founded on controlled experiments and reintroductions.

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